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Shared on November 20, 2018 at 6:37 am


Being the short guy can be tough. Trouser legs often need altering, shirt sleeves in many cases are inches too prolonged, and the typical winter weather scarf covered snugly around the neck has a tendency to look more like a python constricting its prey when compared to a high end item to keep oneself nice.
Breaking It Down
The golden rule for shorter guy dressing would be to take attention far from your small stature. What this means is, minimising unnecessary info and hang-ups on your outfit and creating a general stylish look. Wonder streamline; limiting pockets on coats and t-shirts and big add-ons, like watches and ties. That way an onlooker can scan the body from top to bottom, and not get caught on a ‘active’ detail or something that ‘cuts’ your look in half. Let’s have a like at five important tricks to dressing since the shorter guy.
Go Monochrome
In the vein of toning down visual busyness, monochromatic or a loosely tonal colour pallette assists in making a streamline look. Bold colour-blocking just isn't a choice for the shorter guy, since it literally cuts your body in two - accentuating either your stumpy legs or little torso (or both). Darker tones (navy, dark, charcoal) are even better when thinking ‘monochrome’, contributing to the looks of blended height because the darker hues manage up from your own shoe to collar.
Colourful Tops
When wearing color or two-tone, the shorter man needs to keep consitently the colour and light shades up top. In preserving a vertical brand - from toe to head - mixture light and bright shirts with dark or navy bottoms. We like navy with bright white and dark grey with reddish. And try out colours - in darker hues - like marsala, plum, mustard and olive.
Accessories are your chance to splash colour on a fabulous duller-hued look (wonder pocket square and necktie but avoid long scarves). At last, matching your trouser color with along with of your boot is a visual technique; it blends the two together - preventing your legs from looking cut-off, and therefore, they look longer.
Vertical Lines & Textures
Typically connected with ‘slimming’ for the larger gent, vertical stripes are the shorter guy’s print, far too. Unlike horizontal stripes, which ‘flatten’ or widen the torso, patterns that run vertically cause you to seem taller for the reason that eye desires to stick to the lines - from the waistline to the shoulder collection. Keep the stripes narrow, such as a pins-width for accommodates, or slightly considerably more candy-striped for laid-back shirts and pants.
Corduroy, a fabric with textural lines through vertical streams, offers the same effect. So very undertake herringbone weaves and tweed. Overall, the materials that you choose should be flatter, significantly less densely woven options, choosing mohair wool, cashmere, cotton and linen. Denim is another tremendous option, especially for jackets and shirts.
Adjust The Shirt
Shirt length calls for some sartorial rebellion from the shorter dude. Forgot the rules governing the sleeve-length-to-jacket-cuff ratios - you might want to look good. The clothing cuff should stick to show under your suit jacket or blazer, like usual but aim for one fourth of an inch cuff-show with no more. This enhances the illusion of your hands being normal size equal in porportion to your jacket.
For smart laid-back shirting (without blazer or coat) select the shirt tucked directly into slim meet jeans, chinos or trousers. This stop the length of the shirt falling too much past your waistline. Keeping the clothing collar unbuttoned will generate a suave, Euro search and opting for no belt creates further casualness, along with visual size to the trousers.
Taut Tailoring
As with all body types, a good solid made-to-measure suit is major for the shorter gent. The length of your jacket must cut after dark pant line but over the very best of the butt. Keep consitently the jacket shoulders sharp and a snug match, maximising flatness since the jacket is buttoned-up across the front.
Trousers should be give good results higher on the hips to accentuate along the hip and legs. Go without pleats and steer clear of trouser turn-ups, which damage the vertical leg break and develop a stumpy look.
Checkout made to measure shirts at Bombay Shirts


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