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Shared on November 20, 2018 at 7:22 am

5 Ways a Men Can Style His Printed Tees

Every individual wants to make a first impression that continues. To ensure this, he or she has to dress in a manner which stands out there or which silently gives any passer-by an obvious idea of his or the woman personality. For females, this job comparatively easier because of the various clothing options available in each single department! For men, at best, they can research with the kinds of tshirts or shirts that they can buy! Within order to dress better, men have to designed to sculpt their fashion statement around top tee shirt trends, well simply because you know t shirts haven’t changed simply because they were invented! Every man would like to look like the best version of themself – well it is a known that every guy looks dapper in a suit but it may be impossible to wear a suit constantly right?

We all wouldn’t suggest wearing one with a blazer though: -
Sometimes the boldest and best designs for men’s graphic Tshirts only require two simple colours. Black and white graphic tees can make a clean look when associated with simple black skinnies yet will still add some sizing and a unique end. Blue jeans with a white t-shirt is also a classic look and cannot be beaten. Whether or not you go for text or an image, keep it simple and you’ll manage to pair it with just about anything.

Bright colors don’t equal a showy looking shirt if you know what to wear it. It’s easy to tone down a bright top with some darker toned underside – say a matched of rugged jeans or skinnies, and throwing a neutral jacket or t-shirt over the t-shirt printing design can help make your top the statement piece without it looking too eye-watering.

Logo T-Shirts:
T-shirt logo design design is important. That can seem to be weird putting on a shirt that promotes where you’ve been shopping, in case it’s done right you won’t look like a billboard. There’s also a lot of styles to go for, so you can try a bold in the face look with an artistic designed logo, or a refined look with an even more discrete finish. Most brands will offer different choices, so you can make the style that best suits you.

Long Sleeve Graphic T-Shirts:
Long-sleeve tees are excellent for mid season, when it’s too hot for a jacker or jumper but just that bit too cold for a t-shirt alone. Graphics on long-sleeves are often really interesting due to there being more space for print, for example the sleeves. A new long-sleeve T-shirt and denims is once again a classic look, or maybe swap the jeans up for some work-pants or bateau.

Blazer on T-Shirt:
Almost all the printed tshirts online will look great with a blazer, and that is guaranteed. This was actually one of the t shirt trends of 2017! When you’re wanting to look semi-formal, maybe at lunch with a friend or on your first dinner date it is safe to pair one of your preferred graphic t-shirts with a blazer. This particular look has been reinforced by Ranveer Kapoor, Siddharth Malhotra and even Ranveer Singh – so it is obviously one of the top tee shirt trends in the industry. The best look for the blazer and t shirt clothes are pairing a greyish or black blazer with your graphic tee of choice and a couple of jeans.

Below are a few more rules to help you incorporate graphic tees into your style:
Just steer clear of brand logo tees:
The only exception I give to this rule is Saturdays, whose brand name is so normal it’s pretty much invisible. Save the Gucci and Balmain tees to the kids and fellas that need to show off.
The more minimum the graphic, the more advanced and grown-up it will feel:
A good way to think about it: compare the vibe between a crazy mocha-frappa-double-whip drink compared to a black coffee. 1 is a drink some 14-year old kid would buy, the other is for a grown man ready to get to work.
When going for word t-shirts, opt for single words as opposed to phrases:
Single words follow the “minimal” rule and feel a bit more sophisticated than a phrase t-shirt, which regularly comes off as cheesy. As for word choice, it doesn’t matter. When I worked as a designer, we found that single word t-shirts sold really well whatever the word was, as long as the font design was cool.
When it comes to band t-shirts, it helps if you are actually admirer:
Look, I actually know it sounds like some high school principle, but you’ll enjoy a band shirt more if you’re an actual enthusiast. Plus you shield yourself from any awkward discussions with fellow fans if you didn’t actually tune in to them. (Bonus points if it’s vintage. )
If graphics aren’t your style, don’t wear them:
I know for some viewers, a graphic tee does not align with their cosmetic. Totally cool. I have some clients that absolutely want to go a lttle bit more traditional menswear with their style and avoid printed tees. Ignore this post. For those guys that are looking to blend a more relaxed, everyday style, here are some look ideas.


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