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Shared on December 3, 2018 at 8:13 pm

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Review – You’re A Deck Of Cards, Harry

The Harry Potter franchise holds a special place in the hearts of millions, especially my generation who grew up with both the books and the movies. I started reading the books as a child, and then the very first movie came out. As I moved through my teenage years the books and the movies grew darker, changing and evolving with my own personality and views. So in other words when a game comes out bearing the Harry Potter license I’m intrigued.

Once you lift the lid of the rather fetching box and check out the contents you’ll discover seven boxes representing each book in the series. The first box naturally contains all the cards you need to get started on this deck-building adventure, and after that each new box adds more cards into the mix, more villains to fight and even new mechanics. Boxes 4 and 7 alter the game the most, but even then there are no radical shifts in gameplay mechanics or rules, rather they just introduce small, new ideas into the mix that help keep things fun. Regardless, opening a new box feels exciting and interesting, and is best experienced by mixing the new cards into the old without looking. You want to beat this game so you can see the next one. It isn’t one of those posh Legacy games where you permanently alter the game by ripping up cards or anything like that and no progress carries over, so each new game means giving up all those cool new cards you bought, but there’s still a feeling of progress as you excitedly rip open a new box and examine the tiny rules sheet.
So here’s the gist; each game you must defeat a number of villains by purchasing new cards to make your deck better. The villains must gain control of the location cards, their influence being represented by wonderful little metal tokens that can be plopped onto the location with a satisfying thud. If you beat the pile of villains that grows with each new box opened then you win, but if they progress through every location before that happens then the bad guys win and you have to play it all over again.

Once the inevitable argument over who gets to play as what character has been resolved via good old-fashioned violence you can sit down to the game proper. Each of the four heroes – which means the obvious trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione along with Neville because the designers really wanted this to be a four-player game – gets a basic starting deck that is always the same regardless of how many of the game’s seven boxes you work through, because apparently despite attending a magical school for numerous years, battling evil wizards and even performing some pretty intense magic none of J.K. Rowling’s creations are capable of bloody remembering anything between adventures. For games online check Harry Potter Games

This basic deck contains ten cards, of which you’ll draw an initial five, work through your turn by playing those, discard them all them all and draw a new hand of five, remembering to shuffle your discard pile to form your new deck when needed.

That bit is important because many of your cards will show an icon telling you to collect some Influence tokens which you’ll then use to purchase new cards from the six face-up Hogwarts cards, buying the help of characters like Dumbledore, Hagrid and Ginny Weasley, learning new spells such as Incendio or Expecto Patronum, or grabbing potentially helpful items like Quidditch Gear or Butterbeer. Your new card/s get added straight to your discard pile which will eventually be recycled into your deck thus letting you play the new stuff. Yup, it’s typical deck-building stuff, albeit with some extra cards that when played will let you add a specific type of card straight to the top of your deck which can be hugely useful.


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