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Shared on December 13, 2018 at 6:27 am

Rhinoplasty: Factors to consider in preparation for your nose surgery

So you’ve done your research, found your preferred chicago plastic surgeon and made a decision to undergo rhinoplasty nose surgery.

While we have many specific pre and post care instructions and ways that all donate to your nose surgery being fully a success, and while suggestions are provided to each affected person on an individualised basis, we’ve outlined some general suggestions and tips that you may follow to best get ready for your rhinoplasty surgery - in the weeks prominent in, and on your day of surgery.

1)If you are a smoker - this is the time to end (at least 30 days before your technique) Nicotine impedes the healing process. If you feel that you cannot quit we urge you to talk about your smoking with your surgeon well prior to having your rhinoplasty surgery to ensure it is possible to understand the impact this would have on your recovery and results.

2)There are certain medications and supplements you should cease at least 14 days prior to surgery, and for many weeks after. These consist of such things as aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E and some herbal supplements. When you are on any sort of meal replacement course, you may want to cease or make adjustments for this also. We strongly recommend that you consult with your surgeon, any mealtime replacement plans you may well be on along with all the prescription drugs you are currently taking (herbal, non-herbal and prescription) in order that they may advise you which are safe to carry on taking and which kinds you will have to cease taking (and for the length of time).

3)Fill up on any ordinary prescriptions and medications in front of your surgery date when possible. Discuss these together with your surgeon beforehand and try to be as organised as possible with what you will need in front of your surgery date. It's important that you rest at home after medical procedures to reduce the danger of bleeding so will need others to look for you, so it will be simpler to be prepared beforehand.

4)Buy an excellent lip conditioner/balm and make certain you have a good amount of your favourite beverages on hand. Your nasal area will be out of action (from a inhaling and exhaling perspective) for a while and as a result orally can often get dry from regularly breathing through it. So keep your lips (and body) well hydrated.

5)Ensure that you are 100% confident with your rhinoplasty technique and that which you are hoping to achieve. The weeks leading into your nose surgery could be the time you need to feel pleased that you along with your plastic surgeon are on a single page. There's absolutely no reason not to discuss any worries or concerns you have about your upcoming procedure. When you are feeling anxious, timetable another appointment with your surgeon to ease any fears you would have or even to ask additional questions.

6)Arrange transportation for in the aftermath of your surgery. Just like any surgery, you'll not be permitted to drive following the surgery has taken set, and perhaps for days or several weeks post surgery.

7)Make certain you have a carer to assist you for the first day or two post surgery. In some cases you may need help available for slightly for a longer period. Organise a friend or relative to come and stick to you for a couple days to ensure you have anyone to support you, find the kids up from class, walk the dog, help prepare your meals and drinks and someone who can help you keep an eye on your medicines, and any post-surgical instructions that your surgeon may want you to adhere to.

8)Take care of any stressful do the job or strenuous activity Before you go in for surgery. You can be advised to avoid heavy lifting and sports for quite a while post op as a result get everything done to offer yourself adequate time to rest and recuperate.

9)Bring practical clothing to help you wear home from your own nose surgery. If possible avoid anything that you must lift over your head. Loose, comfortable clothing is preferred.
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