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Shared on December 17, 2018 at 3:42 pm

How to Write a Good Movie Review

Your professor or teacher recently assigned an assignment to your class by reviewing a movie,
say for example the Hitchhiker. You have no clue on how to do a good movie review but have
the basic knowledge on how to write it. Well, look no further, here are the following steps, which professional writers from CustomEssayOrder have prepared for you to write a good movie review.
1. The first and the most important step is to watch the movie or any other documentary
twice, if not, more
Take the initiative to write major and minor notes such as the settings, events, characters and the
like. Make sure to never rely on the power of your memory alone because you may or may not
have the case of short term memory at the most unfavorable time.
2. Watching the movie is simply not enough, delve more by researching the know-hows
To write a good movie review, simply watching the movie is never enough. You have to look at
important details such as the inspiration of the movie and who the filmmaker was or if there was
even a writer the movie was based on. You need to check out how they set it up from the deal
made to produce the movie up to the final touches. You can even include the people who worked
for the movie which were not the director or any higher-ups.
3. Analyze the movie further after watching it
At this stage, you must take the time to understand the movie fully and evaluate it from
beginning to end. Re-watch the entire documentary should it be necessary and check parts which
are confusing.
This portion should also include outlining and sectioning the movie on how your paper will be
written. You should consider the quality of the movie and originality of the scenes. You should

be able to explain which parts of the movie stood out for you the most and which were lacking.
There is technically no perfect movie and it would be too rare to even consider it so be very
meticulous when you do the movie review.
Generally, writing a good movie review is like writing a regular essay but it should be both
opinionated and factual at the same time.
In writing a good movie review, you may follow the standard format of:
1. Introduction which includes the title, background information and release dates
2. The entire summary of the story – make sure that in this part, you do not leave out any
major details because the flow of your paper could be inconsistent since you may end up
not mentioning things you mentioned previously in later sections.
3. Creative elements which includes the dialogue, use of colors, camera handling,
characters, tone and mood, symbols, any significant contributions which even includes
costumes and the overall plot
4. Opinion – again, make sure that the paper is factual and opinionated at the same time so
when stating your opinion, back it up with facts
5. Conclusion – in this portion of the paper, state your verdict on whether or not the movie
was successful and that the filmmakers did a good job or not, you should also restate the
evidences used which backed your opinion and explain how the movie was helpful about
the topic your course wants you to cover.
Anything else? Not really, just do proofreading and editing until you are confident enough to
pass your work.


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