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Shared on December 17, 2018 at 8:11 pm

All About Proxies

What is a proxy ?

When you navigate on the internet your address is logged by every website you go. It's really easy for them to know who visited their website by checking their web logs. All these logs can be kept for many time, so they keep a trace of you! It's not a matter of that we have something to hide, as most of us doesn't, but it's a matter of personal privacy. Your own right for having a privacy isn't respected when browsing without a proxy, like the ones you can find here on iproxylist.

Web-based Proxies

It is a service that allows you to hide your own internet provider and navigate using the proxy website. It is really easy: you type the website address where you want to go in the form the proxy provide and just browse. When you browse using that form, you are hidden and your REAL ""ip"" address is not being registred or logged by the website you're visiting. There's a huge number of web proxies you can use to do so. Just click on one the proxies listed on the right featured column.


All about proxy servers
9 months ago
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