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Shared on December 20, 2018 at 3:08 pm

Temporary E-Mails to protect yourself against phishing

Did you ever lose your email account? which means that you can not access your email account. Try to remember again, what is causing your account can not be accessed again, if you forgot your password? or because your email account has been stolen by someone? Then how thieves can steal your username and password email? One way thieves try to steal your email account is by using the technique of Phishing Emails, they send a fake email as the email from your email provider.

For what thief robs your email account? of course their main goal was to seize important data or confiscate your money. It may not be a problem if your email does not contain important data, but what if the email we use to access Paypal or other accounts?

Have you ever received an email Phishing? The following is one example of the Phishing Emails is as if the email sent by Google.
phishing emails

Email the above to tell as if I need a confirmation email username and password. If I’m not careful, then I will do click on the link provided. And if that happens then I will be directed to a page similar to Google. But it never happened, because I was quite careful to look at the link provided.

Let us consider the links contained in the email, and let you navigate your pointer to the link and you will see where the direction of those links. And if you click that link then you will be redirected to this page:

phising site

In terms of appearance was similar to the display confirmation email in Google, but try to note the URL? seen that the domain is not from google. so we can be sure you have connected to the page trap. And if you enter your Username and Password then the data will be sent to the thief. So, from this experience, I expect you to be more careful when opening email.

Temp Mails or disposable email accounts
To protect your private email inbox you should start using temporary email inboxes.


Thanks for the Information. Mahabhulekh
8 months ago
I will definitely try this temporary e-mails. Play granny horror game with your family and friends.
7 months ago
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4 months ago
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3 months ago
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2 months ago
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about 1 month ago