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Shared on December 21, 2018 at 5:36 am

Mistakes Most People Make While They Design Their Homes

Interior designers have an eye for colours, patterns, and textures, as well as a great awareness of how furniture works in a room. They could tell when something is off, whether it's the orientation of a carpet or the sum of light in a space. They also know plenty of ways to make a space better that others may not notice or think about.Interior designer in Kharghar shows the best designs.

Mistake #1: Rugs that are the incorrect size or orientation
In a frequent place like a living room, a rug ought to be wider than the width of your furniture so it functions as a base. In a bedroom, it needs to be perpendicular to the bed.There's nothing worse than getting a wrong size rug. Too large and it occupies the room; too small and it does not help in anchoring the distance. Put all furniture on the rug if they're floating at the middle of a massive area. When furniture is against the wall, aim to have the front two legs of all the furniture on the rug. For a tighter space, a small rug can be placed just under the coffee table. Just ensure the rug's span is covering the amount of the sofa.

Mistake #2: Unusual clutter
"If you are going to get open storage, such as shelves or nightstands which have an open foundation, it is really, really important to consider what you are going to be putting on that, because that becomes your layout," said Murray.
Be sure you're including many different neatly-organized accessories and listen to colour groupings. You desire to have an artful mix of items, not a mess.

Mistake #3: Placing furniture against the wall
In the past, the backs of furniture pieces are often unfinished and not so pretty to look at. These days, the backs of furniture are as pretty to look at as the front. So it is okay to not have the couch and bed against the wall. In fact, large scale furniture is excellent in demarcating spaces. You may not be aware of how much space you really have after changing up your furniture placement.You do not need your house to look like a furniture showroom. A gathered look adds character.

Mistake #4: Under or oversize furniture
Scale and proportions are extremely essential in space preparation and the interior design of a residence. To avoid making the purchase, measure your distance thoroughly. Use painter's tape to mock the furniture positioning in order to check that you have the ideal match before you swipe your credit card.

Mistake #5: Not enough lighting
Extra lighting doesn't only make it a lot easier to see it also helps a space feel more dynamic.Most people rely on overhead lighting and it is a huge design faux pas. If you don't need your house to resemble a hospital, it is always advisable to layer different kinds of lighting. Recessed lights are great for general lighting while floor lamps, wall decorations and lamps are fantastic for ambient lighting. Accent lights such as spotlights are ideal for highlighting artwork and photography. Task lighting is also vitally important in the kitchen and study. Just remember: dimmers and warm white lighting would be your best buddies.

Mistake #6: Too many decor bits
Yes, there's such a thing. Too much of a good thing is a terrible thing. In design terms, it translates as clutter. So take organising expert Marie Kondo's advice on having only things that spark joy. Your home should be a world-class museum with carefully curated collection of items, not a jumble sale store.

Mistake #7: Plain white walls
The white walls tendency has been going strong for years now. But unless, you're a complete minimalist, don't abandon your white walls bare as they are able to look dull and uninviting. Add dimension and interest with paintings or photos. For a cheaper alternative -- because we know large-scale paintings can be costly, install wall paneling instead for that dramatic and luxe effect.

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