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Shared on December 31, 2018 at 10:48 am

Business Office Design Trends For 2019

For innovative startups and established brands equally, a row of cubicles along with a drip coffee machine are no longer satisfactory tools for a generative work sphere. To keep up with the pace of modern growth, interior designer in Kolkata companies today are tapping the expertise of designers and architects to develop bespoke offices that foster productivity, innovation, and creativity.So, for instance, if your company values collaboration, you could try splitting up those perfectly manicured blocks to create a number of"work pods" with a few private spaces such as deep thought. Whether you're looking for large or small office layout ideas you will be sure to find them.

Designing the perfect workplace is no small task.
Not only is there a certain degree of pressure on promoting a sophisticated and professional setting - businesses will need to think about additional concerns like wellness and imagination too.

Wellness options pave the way to success:
Wellness programs signify a wonderful way for corporations to place greater focus on the comfort and productivity of the workers. Because wellness programs can help promote enhanced physical and mental health, they can be a great way to establish everything from enterprise-level engagement, to enhanced efficiency throughout a business.

Restructure to focus on teamwork:
In the average workplace, most people will have their own career schedule, but all businesses need to understand the advantage of helping teams to work together. Approximately 92% of organizations currently rate organisational design as their top priority when covering the corporate environment so, how do we restructure offices for a focus on teamwork and collaboration?
Conservative cubicle designs that separate workers from their peers are being changed for spaces that offer greater variety and more chances to interact and communicate. Effective office spaces feature specific areas for single work (high-backed solo booths for example), in addition to those areas designed specifically for team efforts.

Freshening up the work area:
The drab, boring workplace is something of the past. In an age where corporations are focusing heavily on employee happiness and satisfaction, creating an atmosphere of creativity and growth is essential. Through the years, we have seen office layouts change to draw attention to attributes such as'bringing the outside in', innovative light, uplifting art and inspirational innovation.
Adding art into the workplace for example has been found to boost productivity and decrease stress levels. In 2017, and beyond, we need to see fewer gray, white, and impartial offices, and much more workplaces that promote positive emotion with artwork hanging on the walls, splashes of vivid color, lively designs and calming'green retreats'.

Flexibility for business agility:
Ultimately, the current work force is much more concerned with the idea of versatility than ever before. As such, today's companies are changing what a workplace looks like. While mobile technology supports remote working, the office functions as a place where workers can come together to socialise, collaborate, and connect, face to face.
Co-working hubs have caught the headlines in the last few years and frequently these areas come equipped with everything you could want for a successful day in the office. Freelancers, startups and SMEs too can use those spaces and experience the advantages of a bigger group.

The office of the future:
Everything in the form and lighting of a cubicle along with the artwork on the walls to elements of nature and'living walls' can help promote innovation and happiness within the working environment.

For unique organisations, the perfect office will probably have its own shape and unique capabilities. But on a broad scale it seems the workforce these days, and tomorrow, will be focusing on design solutions that place happiness, creativity and health

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