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Shared on January 3, 2019 at 7:01 am

Is Sun Good or Bad for Your Hair

As we’re in the height of summer, you’re definitely catching some rays. Most of us know to put on sunscreen to protect the skin we have from destruction and skin cancer. Nevertheless should you also be safeguarding your hair from the sunlight? While the vitamin M you can get from the sun is great for nice hair, exposure to the sun’s rays without protection can quickly cause serious damage.
Why is sunlight Good for Ones Hair?
Research suggests that the sun helps provide you with the nutrients your body needs to maintain a whole hair growth routine. According to this research published in the Record of Oncology Practice, curly hair loss is a symptom of vitamin D deficit. Where can you get vitamin D? From the sunshine! But it’s important to make note of that you can go for vitamin D from supplements, vitamin D-fortified food, and foods that are naturally abundant with vitamin D.

Although your body naturally produces vitamin D when you happen to be in the sun, AND ALSO rays are the major cause of melanoma and other skin cancer.

Rather then exposing your vulnerable pores and skin and hair to the sunlight, take vitamin D supplements and eat more foods rich in vitamin D. That way, your hair will continue to grow well devoid of the risk of epidermis cancer or hair destruction.

Why is the sunlight Negative for Your Hair?
While calciferol may support curly hair growth, sunlight can critically damage hair. This examine published in Collegium Antropologicum states that excessive sun exposure is the most frequent cause of structural impairment of the hair shaft.

Nice hair shaft is the part of nice hair that sticks out of your skin layer from the follicle. Sunlight can degrade your hair healthy proteins and pigment, and can even lead to curly hair protein loss. The end result is weaker hair and duller looking hair color. The sun can also take moisture away from your hair, leaving it drier, frizzier and harder in texture.

For those who have thinning hair hair, you are even more susceptible to getting sunburned on your scalp. Excessive sun exposure to the scalp can result in epidermis cancer. Any inflammation or damage to your remaining hair can potentially cause even more thinning.

How to Protect Nice hair from the Sun
We all know that individuals should protect our skin with sunscreen when we’re out in the sunlight. But how do we protect our hair? Here are a few actions you can take to keep your locks healthy:

Hide your curly hair and scalp with a hat.
Stick to the shade when possible.
Prevent the sun from 10 am to 4 pm hours, when the rays are the strongest.
Use curly hair products with UV filters. Here’s a set of sunshine protection hair products that Fashionbeans recommends.
If you have hair thinning, be sure to apply sunscreen to your remaining hair.
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