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Shared on January 17, 2019 at 2:15 pm

Should schools sell soft drinks and candies to students

When children are at school and their parents cannot watch them, they take the chance to enjoy their favorite soda instead of pure water or tea. Beverages containing much sugar have no health benefits; moreover, they trigger weight gain and other health problems. It is not a secret that there is caffeine contained in some sorts of soda which can spur particular side effects in schoolers. Therefore, it is vital for schools to become a key player in supporting kids' healthy eating habits, which means that they should stop selling soft drinks and sweets within the school settings.
Putting On Some Weight
Little more than thirty percent of kids suffer from excessive weight and the symptoms associated with it. In some way, this problem is caused by the increased consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks and candies. An ordinary bottle of soda contains more than fifteen teaspoons of sugar which is equivalent to approximately 240 calories.
The drinks don't satiate the body; therefore, kids' still feel hungry even if they have just drunk a bottle of a high-calorie drink. This means that they eat the same amount of food, no matter whether they drink soda or not. The excessive calories taken in with soft drinks contribute greatly to the pupils' weight gain. Eventually, they may face lots of health issues such as insomnia, diabetes, heart disease, bone and joint pain, and a number of mental health problems. Those consuming much sugar show low academic success. They tend to address the Pro-Papers custom term paper writing service more often as they don't feel like completing their assignments on their own.
Skin Problems
When kids consume much sugar with soda and candies, their both blood sugar and insulin levels increase rapidly. This boosts oil production which in its turn triggers acne development. This is one of the many reasons why teens are concerned about their skin. As it happens, consuming sugar-free food with low glycemic index makes your skin look healthy. Since skin problems are associated with low self-esteem in teens, those who struggle with acne also are more likely to sink into depressions.
Uncontrollable Behaviors
Students who consume soft drinks and candies are more likely to struggle with anger, depression, and various behavioral issues. They are more violent toward their parents and peers. A recent study showed that those who drink more than five bottles of soda a week are more likely to be spotted with a weapon one day. Indeed, the more sugary beverages kids drink in their early age, the more chances they have to grow up to be hooligans tending to spoil someone's belongings, engage into fights, and act very aggressively.
Poor Nutritional Status
When students eat many candies and wash it down with sugary beverages instead of consuming nutrient-enriched seeds and yogurt for lunch at school, they lose out on beneficial nutrients indeed. Because of that, many schoolers don't get the recommended amount of calcium.
In childhood, it is vital to consume enough calcium; otherwise, osteoporosis is likely to develop in adulthood. This disorder makes adults struggle with a fragile, weak skeleton. Consuming much sugary beverages and sweets is also associated with the lack of magnesium, riboflavin, and vitamins C and A. The latter two are responsible for the health of a skeleton, skin, and teeth. Riboflavin is required for proper growth, while magnesium is used for maintaining the health of all organs and systems on the whole.
Caffeine Intake
Soft drinks containing caffeine can cause lots of health problems in kids. Children’s weight is less than that of adults and their bodies, including all organs and systems, are still developing, which means that they are exposed to caffeine effects more than grown-ups. When children intake small doses of caffeine they feel disturbed, experience digestive troubles, suffer from insomnia, and struggle with headaches. All of these symptoms hinder kids to focus on learning and perform well. Moreover, caffeine consumption is also associated with heart disorders, as well as behavioral troubles.
Banning the sale of soft drinks and sweets in schools has many advantages. Soda and sugary snacks cause obesity and other health problems, including diabetes. Moreover, there is some evidence indicating that consuming unhealthy food increases the genetic risk of obesity. Selling sugary treats in schools may create an erroneous picture that they should be part of an everyday diet.
If schools stop offering their students drinks and snacks with a high content of sugar, kids may be more likely to turn to more nutritious beverages and meals. It is proven that schoolers will drink water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables for lunch with a great pleasure; however, healthy treats may remain unnoticed if candies and soda are served. Schools should also install pure water fountains or coolers with filtered sugar-free drinks. It is vital to prevent our kids from eating much sugar; otherwise, our nation is going to face serious social, economic, and health consequences.


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