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Shared on January 23, 2019 at 6:20 am

Trichotillomania: What to Know and What Not to Say

Trichotillomaniahair pulling, is something that you might be unfamiliar with unless you or someone you know suffers from this ailment. It's even more common than you may think, with 280 million or 3.4% of the planet's inhabitants having trichotillomania on a daily basis, based on Health Research Funding.
What Makes Trichotillomania?
Trichotillomania is a mental disorder that's triggered by things such as stress, anxiety, boredom and a slew of motives that are emotional in character. Some do it while some receive a feeling of relief from hair pulling.
What Not To Say
Should you know somebody who has trichotillomania, there are a couple of things that you shouldn't say to the individual.
Only Relax
Whilst stress and anxiety are surely a cause for those afflicted by this illness, telling somebody to simply unwind isn't likely to make their life unexpectedly ideal. It is not as straightforward as that. Just like you wouldn't tell a person to unwind (or you should not do this ) if they're with an anxiety attack, this can be an identical circumstance. It is harder than simply relaxing as it has to do with trichotillomania.
Only Stop
This falls under precisely the exact same umbrella as telling somebody to unwind. If"just quitting" were easy, this condition would not exist. In reality, placing pressure on somebody to stop and suggesting it will address their problems really causes more anxiety.
Do Not Cover It Up
Very similar to self-harm, shaming someone by telling them to cease covering up what they've done isn't favorable and does not help. In fact, this may lead the man to feel much worse about themselves and despairing at being in a position to regain. If they feel the need to conceal what they're doing, then let them. In this exact same vein, don't point it out in the event that you grab them engaging in hair pulling. This might be shameful and embarrassing and will only discourage their healing.
Should you or somebody you love is suffering from trichotillomania, a psychologist can assist with recovery, whilst hair replacement or restoration may get back their confidence and self-esteem.
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