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Part Time Work Resume Templates

Part time jobs can be very diverse: in a work place - say a restaurant - or from home - actual or virtual, for students (mostly) or as second jobs, weekend jobs, night jobs, and others. Sometimes two part timers can share a single full time job equally. I know how to write a resume that professional curriculum vitae editing for hire for students will land you any job you want
Another type of part timing is called "term timing": the employee has a leave during school holidays so that he or she can take care of the kid(s). The employer has time to search for somebody to fill in the spot during that period of time.
The biggest advantage to this type of employment is that you can choose when to work:
• In a restaurant, usually there is the need for you when there are more or too many clients: during lunch or dinner or the weekends. You might want or might be able to help more in the weekends and fulfill your hours' quota then. If they ask you to help also during the week, they will have to pay the extra hours the same way as they would to a full time employee.
• As a student, you might not have the same school schedule two weeks in a row, so you might be able to work the mornings or the evening in one week, or combined the other one. If that's the case, you just need to let the employer know beforehand, so he can make sure there is someone to cover the other hours. Whatever your reasoning might be, be sure that there is the perfect job for you with the working hours suitable to your needs.
Project Manager Resume Template
Personal Details:
Name: Lorelei Medina
65152 East 326 Street, California
Birth Date: 13.03.1969
Gender: Female
Desired employment:
Project Management
A challenging, interesting and rewarding position as Project Manager.
Work experience:
Project Manager, United Sports Association
Main activities and responsibilities:
• Developing and planning the whole project plan
• Define the project time and budget limits.
• Creating specific strategies in order to fulfill the scope of the project.
• Organizing a team of people who would collaborate perfectly in the benefit of the project
• Managing the operational, financial and technological aspects of the project
• Keeping a close relation with all the partners, including the investors, clients and contractors
• Putting up reports for the investors
Project Manager, Hidago Company
Main activities and responsibilities:
Transforming an idea into a well-researched project.
• Developing the project's phases
• Planning and dividing the project into small tasks
• Establishing financial and time limits.
• Supervising the achieving of every little objective in order to obtain the final result.
• Creating and maintaining the team-spirit and encouraging people to overcome their limits, in order to stay within the time-limits.
• Assessing the risks and making critical decisions.
• Resolving conflicts with contractors and staying within deadlines.
• Reporting the progress to the investors
Public Relations Studies, University of California
PMI • Certified Project Manager
Personal skills and competences:
Excellent understanding and speaking of French and Spanish
Social skills and competencies:
Tolerant and sociable Open-minded
Good diplomat, communicator and negotiator
Very good decision making
Working excellent under stress and pressure
Very ambitious and dynamic
Other abilities:
Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office and Power-Point.


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