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Shared on January 31, 2019 at 10:16 am

Choosing the right fabric

Single Vs Twin / Two Ply
Typically, dress fabrics can either be Single ply or Twice / Two ply. Ply refers to the amount of yarns that are twisted jointly to produce a single thread.

Two-ply fabrics are usually more advanced than single-ply textiles. They have a easy, crisp side feel and are luxurious to wear. This isn't to state that Single-ply fabric aren't luxurious - higher matter single ply textiles with compact engineering are equally searched for after.

The 2 2 in a 100/2's or the 1 in the 70/1 make reference to the ply of the cloth.

Fabric Count
The count identifies the yarn size, and generally of thumb, the bigger the thread count; a lot more luxurious (and expensive) you may expect the cloth to be.

However, thread count up is not everything - the compactness and density of the woven cloth play a major part in deciding the overall textile quality.

Higher count materials tend to wrinkle easier, simply because they are relatively finer. Hence, the weave has an important role in cloth selection.

The 100 in a 100/2 or the 70 in the 70/1 make reference to the count of the fabric.

Fabric Composition
Various materials may be used to weave a fabric. The most frequent are Silk cotton and Linen.

Known because of its long staples and superior quality 100% COTTON is the premier selection of shirting fabric.

100% Linen is a solid, durable material, best used in warm weather.

For added stretch out, Lycra is commonly blended with cotton fabric. The Cotton-Lycra blend typically works for t shirts that are designed to trim fit or body hugging.
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