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Shared on March 11, 2019 at 2:36 pm

Think Outside The Pencil Box: Great Gifts For Teachers

During my years in the classroom, I received more candy canes, coffee mugs, notepads and Christmas ornaments than I knew where I can buy an essay with. While each was a wonderful, thoughtful remembrance of a student, it made me realize once my own children started school that I wanted to do something a little different for their teachers’ holiday gifts.

Try one of these alternatives to the standard-issue present and make your child’s teacher’s holiday.

Thanks for Helping Me Grow!

One year, we bought some inexpensive small clay flowerpots (the kind sold at craft stores and most home and garden shops) and thought of a great way to turn them into memorable gifts. They’re great for either personal use or as a classroom project.

I had the kids decorate them with paints and then I sealed them with some clear spray paint. Be sure to do this last step outside or in a well-ventilated area. Make or purchase tiny envelopes (free templates are available online – you can use this one from Mirkwood Designs if you want to decorate it yourself, or this one from Cottage Industrialist if you’d like a pre-patterned template). Fill the finished envelopes with seeds from your own garden, or with packaged seeds from the store. We did them as themes: one child used flower seeds, another had a pizza garden theme (oregano, tomato, bell pepper and basil), and my oldest child had all veggie seeds. Attach the envelopes to pencils and arrange them so that they’re “growing” out of the pot. Add a card that says, “Thanks for Helping Me Grow!”

Mail Call

I got this idea today while at the post office buying stamps for a postcard exchange. Make postcards from computer or purchase custom designs from one of the many office supply sources. I like this one. Replace the area marked “Business Name Here” with the name of your child’s teacher, and put the school address at the bottom. Make enough to send to an entire classroom and stamp them. Teachers can mail them out to students either at the end of the school year, or at the beginning of the next year, welcoming new students to class. She could also use them as thank you cards!

Sign of the Times

Make your child’s teacher a customized door magnet for the classroom! Most classroom doors are metal and, therefore, magnets will work on them (check to see if your child’s classroom door is one such). Have a sign made up at an office supply store or online. Sites like VistaPrint have templates if you want to use one of their designs. These magnets are made to hold up to weather and will stick to cars quite well and are a fantastic alternative to the laminated paper signs that are often taped to the door. It’s a gift your teacher will really appreciate, especially since it can be used for years.

It’s not difficult to find teacher gifts that are both useful and attractive – it just takes a little outside-the-pencil box thinking to find one that’s both different and memorable.


Teachers having great importance in the life of each student. I like the subjects of my favorite teacher . That is the specialty of the teacher love. I want to gift something memorable that make them feel special and happy.
6 months ago
Pencil box is one of the best gifts for teachers :)
5 months ago
Great gifts for teachers you share are a great idea. I will bookmark your blog. I will be back. fnaf world
3 months ago
2 months ago
I always thought that Hydroponics gardening would be a great science lesson to teach in the classroom.
2 months ago
about 1 month ago