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Shared on January 17, 2020 at 10:44 am

How to leave a child with a father during a divorce?

The issue of living a minor child after the divorce of parents is one of the most acute in divorce cases. And everything seems to be regulated by legislation, and the guardianship authorities involved in the process should not give offense to the child, and the parents themselves want "the best," but the spears break and arrows fly as if nothing had happened. The war for children becomes a continuation of previous battles.
According to the law, when determining the child’s place of residence, separately living parents must come to common opinion and express it in the agreement. But this does not always happen, a large number of such disputes are resolved by the court. The court must take into account the interests of children, the capabilities of parents and the desires of both. With the definition of desires is more or less simple: there are only two possible options from each. A little harder with features. The financial situation of the parties can be compared in monetary terms, but when measuring opportunities in ensuring development, upbringing, psychological comfort, etc. one can no longer do without a subjective assessment, which usually gives an extra reason to disagree and argue. And when it comes to protecting the interests of children, each parent believes that only he can do it.
First, you need to find out if the child wants to live with his father after the parents’ divorce. Oddly enough, they sometimes forget about it, although the desire of the child (and reluctance - too!) Upon reaching the age of 10 years can be taken into account in court.
The main advice: the question of determining the place of residence of minor children should preferably be decided before the trial. It is clear that people usually come to divorce without the remnants of their former sympathy, and negotiations from this are not simple, but there is so much more chance of finding a compromise. If necessary, you can invite a specialist or consult service for online divorce in Pennsylvania to negotiate and draw up an agreement.
If the dispute could not be resolved peacefully, and the case will be considered by the court, this must be approached with full responsibility. The result will depend on tactics and strategy, but the most serious attention should be paid to the selection of arguments. Any dignity of the father should be presented as an advantage in terms of ensuring the interests of children, and general phrases are not suitable here. For example, the material and domestic situation in itself does not prove anything, but it can characterize the ability of the parent to provide the child with previous hobbies. The same with housing conditions - “more” will not automatically mean “better”. And, of course, with more comparisons, it is necessary to prove not only that "with a father is better", but also that "with a mother is worse."
Do not despair if the court has taken the side of the mother. Within the time period established by law, such a decision can be appealed, which means one more chance.
In any case, fathers should remember that their rights are not dependent on gender and, if desired, and perseverance with high-quality preparation for the trial, the probability of a positive outcome is high enough, especially if you connect a professional family lawyer to this.


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