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Shared on January 19, 2020 at 11:37 am

Short Story for kids

A moral story for kids very helpful and learn. top best short story for kids read online. all these stories contain a lesson for kids. Urdu Novel for kids very helpful for learning more by reading Story for kids.

The Honest Fisherman
the-honest-fisherman-story-for-kids-minIt was once mentioned that a fisherman in his small cottage on the bank of the river lived with his only son Sameer. Sameer was fond of catching fish, because of this every time he goes fishing with his father and sees how the father works.

Once when the fisherman was putting a net in the boat, Samir came and said, “Baba, should I go too?”

The fisherman said, ” No, son, the weather is bad today, you stay in the hut”. When Sameer heard this, his mouth dropped. The fisherman did not want his only son to be displeased. He said, “Well you come too, but you will not help me to bring out the net from the river because you are sick”.

Sameer quickly shook his head in a hurry and climbed aboard.

When the boat reached the exact middle of the river, So then the fisherman cast a net into the river with a great technique.

And then a passenger boat passed by in which there were many people who came from the tour along the other side of the river. There were many children aboard on the boat.

Sameer noticed that a boy was rotating his mother’s little purse in his finger and before the mother forbids the boy, the purse fell into the water from the boy and immediately sank into the river because of its weight.

Seeing this, the mother’s heart started to sit, she told the man who was running the boat to stop the boat.

“There is no point in stopping the boat”, the boatman said because by now the purse must have been in the basement and the river is very deep. The mother said her purse contained her ID card, mobile, and some essential cards like credit cards but the boat operator remained on his decision and the boat was carried away, passing by the small boat of the fisherman.

The mother kept on to obtest.

After a while, the fisherman pulled the net and many fish were caught in it. He brought the fish along with the net to the river and poured all the fish in clean clothes on the ground.

When the fishes were taken out, Sameer noticed a small clutch he picked it up unconsciously and showed it to his father.

Sameer asked, “What is this, Baba?”

When the fisherman turned the purse over and opened the zipper, there were ID cards, some other cards and mobile inside. When he opened the second zip, it had a lot of money. Sameer’s heart tantalizes seeing the money.

He said, “Baba, this is that woman’s purse. Let’s keep this money.” because the woman in the boat said she had her cards and mobile in her purse. The fisherman smiled at son’s words and said to him that she believed her essential things were more important because money will keep coming, this is the test of faith and honesty for us.

Sameer did not understand the father’s words, he asked, I did not understand anything?

The father said that ALLAH wants to see how honest I am, So he stuck this purse in my net and now we will return the purse to that woman.

But Baba with this money we can buy good clothes, Sameer did not want to return the purse to that woman.

On this point, the fisherman said, “Son good clothes should be made with halal money, not with theft money.”

Sameer gets embarrassed and his head bowed.

An hour later, the fisherman took the boat and came across the other end of the river, where the woman and her boy were sitting together.

The fishermen walked up to them and handed over the purse as well as recounted the whole story.

The woman was pleased to hear this and was also impressed by the fisherman’s honesty.

she took some money from the purse and gave it to the fisherman. The fisherman returned home in the boat taking money.

Conclusion: The honesty test can be taken anytime.


Thank you for this. I would share this story to my kids.
3 months ago
I have a little baby of 3 years old. He is really fond of these kinds of short stories. Thank you for sharing this story. I told him this story and he liked it very much. Hostsailor
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