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Shared on January 23, 2020 at 11:21 am

Surviving Your First Valentines Day After Divorce

Do not think whether you did the right thing when you filed for divorce in Georgia. Any decision you make is undoubtedly the right one!

Create a "Valentines Day Calendar"

Do you spend hours planning those "perfect" Valentine's Day gifts? Then what about those who are spending long hours creating their own Valentine's Day calendars? If you are like most people, you probably just do whatever falls into your schedule (or is most convenient to you, in which case, do it!), but you could spend all day crafting a perfect Valentine's Day or even a "perfect" Valentine's Day menu. If you're one of the 20% or so of people who has a really special relationship with Valentine's Day – as opposed to being a member of a generation who grew up with Valentine's Days – then you might want a little more of your heart to go towards your own Valentines Day celebration.

Make sure you put a place in your heart for the people who are giving you love but are not at the same time giving you the love in return.

Let Yourself Get to Know the New People in Your Life

Many people who live in the shadow of the relationship they have just left know well the feeling of loneliness that creeps in whenever their partners and/or children move. For women, the most difficult parts of the breakup are the times they are left alone. For men, it's the time they are alone when their partner is still at work or school. To those of us who are in the middle, it's the times when we find it much more difficult to communicate with our partner. As the one who has been there the longest, it's so easy to lose track of how much distance separates us from the person who really loves us.

That's why for many, creating an online profile of a friend or associate can do wonders for the person's emotional well-being. The profile will create the space for the person to share some of their feelings so that you can be a more understanding listener.

Rekindle a Relationship that Was Lost

Whether it was a marriage you felt like was coming to an end, or a friendship or romance, a friend or colleague left, or a relationship where the people you're dealing with were never right for you to begin with – a friendship or relationship will be harder when the relationship ends than it was when you were involved.

The relationship is an intimate thing. One person can be the heart of a relationship; it just takes some work to find that special someone. Even more important than finding someone special is being able to put in the time to rebuild a relationship with the person you lost – and finding the motivation again to take your emotional health seriously. Friendship and romance can be great at times – but you can't take your partner's death or death on an emotional holiday.

Find Comfort in the "Not Being Right for Anyone Right Now" Feeling​

You don't get to know anyone when you're first looking for love. You can't say that you love someone until you know they love you back. Being in the middle of the search for love often makes us feel confused, left, and isolated. You may not find what you're looking for in the first few months – or maybe you might find something wonderful! However, even in the middle of a search, there is always a comfort knowing that that little bit of happiness is going to be just a flicker, a blip.


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