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Shared on May 12, 2020 at 9:06 am

Sale on Ready to Food Items at GoodKart

Check out Wide range of ready to eat food products in India at GoodKart. Easy to Cook, Easy to make, Less time consuming ready to eat products. Buy ready to eat food online in India with great deals with fast shipping combo offers and discounts. Check out some products such as:

Just Organik Ready to Eat Meals - Tamarind Quinoa - Tamarind quinoa is a twist for a tangy and delicious south-Indian dish i.e. Tamarind rice. It boosts metabolism and has the goodness of all the nutrients.

Just Organik Ready to Eat Meals - Himalayan Rice Trail -Made with a twist of aromatic spices, Himalayan rice trail meal is a delicious evening snack you can have. It helps in weight management and prevents heart problems.

Just Organik Ready to Eat Meals - Five Lentils Melange - This product is an infusion of five types of lentils with a twist of mild spices. It has the goodness of iron, fiber, folic acid, and also keeps a check on overall health.

Just Organik Ready to Eat Meals - Pearl Millet Melange - A gluten-free product is all set to explode your taste bud with its spicy flavor. It helps in keeping your heart healthy and also prevents diabetes.

Just Organik Ready to Eat Meals - Buckwheat Pilaf - Buckwheat pilaf meat is flavored with hand-picked cardamom to make a delectable combination. It reduces blood sugar and keeps the heart happy and healthy.


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